Barometric pressure sensor for consumer applications

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  Pressure Sensor for Consumer


Infineon’s  DPS310 is a miniaturized digital barometric pressure sensor which offers high accuracy and low current consumption, and is capable of measuring both pressure and temperature.


A sealed capacitive sensing element is used for pressure measurement, guaranteeing high precision and accuracy across temperature changes.


The small package and low energy consumption make  DPS310 ideal for mobile applications and wearable devices.


Application examples:

  • Indoor navigation (floor detection e.g. in shopping malls and parking garages)
  • Health and sports (accurate elevation gain, vertical speed and calorie consumption)
  • Outdoor navigation (GPS start-up time and accuracy improvement, dead-reckoning e.g. in tunnels)
  • Drones (precise altitude control)
  • Weather stations ('micro-weather' and local forecasts)
  • HDDs
  • Gaming devices



Product OPN Product Status Order Online Packages Green Pressure Range Accuracy Supply Voltage Interfaces Temperature
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descending ascending           descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending


active and preferred




300.0 hPa
1200.0 hPa
Pressure level relative accuracy +/-0.06Pa
Pressure level absolute accuracy +/-1hPa
1.7 V
3.6 V
I2C, SPI with extra features like FIFO, interrupt
-40° C ... +85°C

Infineon Pressure Sensor Android App

Infineon mobile apps are available for android smartphones and can be downloaded from android store. Mobile apps can be used as an alternative to SES2G software for quick evaluation of sensor performance via Bluetooth™. Mobile apps are compatible with both sensor hub and nanohub.


Download Infineon Pressure Sensor Android App

Application Notes

Title Size Date Version
697 KB 17 Oct 2016 01_00
334 KB 20 Jan 2017 01_00

Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
346 KB 31 Jul 2016 02_00
619 KB 31 Jul 2016 01_01


Title Size Date Version
373 KB 03 Aug 2017 01_00


Title Size Date Version
338 KB 21 Nov 2016 01_00

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
KIT DPS310 2G SHV02 Sensor Infineon wireless sensor hub 2.0
  • XMC4500 microcontroller, USB and Bluetooth® interfaces, I2C and SPI interfaces for shuttle boards, LiPo battery controller, 85mm×55mm footprint
active and preferred
EVAL SHSBV01-I2C Pressure sensor for consumer applications Shuttle board DPS310 I2C
    active and preferred
    EVAL SHNBV01 Sensor Infineon sensor hub nano
    • Bluetooth®connection to a phone or PC. One DPS310 on board. 30mm×15mm×10mm
    active and preferred
    EVAL SHSBV01-SPI Pressure sensor for consumer applications Shuttle board DPS310 SPI
      active and preferred


        DPS310 Video 1


         Expand your senses with Infineon´s pressure sensor - Demo 1


         Duration: 2:00

        DPS310 Video 2


         Expand your senses with Infineon´s pressure sensor - Demo 2


         Duration: 4:15


         Pressure Sensor Arrow booth Electronica 2016



         electronica 2016 - digital pressure sensor (DPS) @ ARROW booth


         Duration: 1:32




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