3D Image Sensor REAL3™

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Time-of-Flight Provides Accurate and Robust Depth Data

Time-of-Flight camera technology is sunlight robust, highly scalable, and ready for integration.  Infineon's Time-of-Flight (ToF) based Image Sensor family REAL3™ paves the way for numerous applications and innovations not previously possible.

Measure brightness and the distance from the sensor to objects in every single pixel.  The 3D camera emits modulated infrared light and measures the time the infrared signal takes to travel from the camera to the object and back again: the elapsed time, or "time of flight". This method of depth measurement incorporated into the highly optimized REAL3™ Image Sensors is offering many benefits compared to other depth sensing technologies. 


Compared to other depth sensing technologies, the monocular camera architecture of a 3D camera based on the Time-of-Flight principle is offering many benefits. In combination with the highly integrated 3D image sensor REAL3™ this technology enables most accurate and reliable depth sensing applications.


Benefit REAL3™ Image Sensor based on Time-of-Flight
Robust and accurate depth data
  • Direct measurement of depth and amplitude in every pixel; no intensive calculations needed
  • Optimized CMOS technology for highest infrared photo sensitivity
Full operation in bright sunlight and darkness
  • Active modulated IR-light
  • Extended dynamic range by patented Suppression of Background Illumination (SBI) functionality in every pixel
System design flexibility; small form factor
  • Single-chip ToF imager with integrated standard camera interface
  • Single lens design: no mechanical baseline needed
Low depth map calculation efforts; low CPU usage
  • Sensor directly provides raw depth data; no intensive calculations needed
Ease of calibration
  • Easy once-in-a-lifetime calibration
  • Monocular system architecture: i.e. no meachnical alignment and angle correction
Robustness over lifetime
  • Monocular system architecture: no risk of de-calibration due to drops, vibrations or thermal bending
Usability in a mobile device
  • Indoor- and outdoor usability through sunlight robustness
  • High design flexibility because of monocular design (no mechanical baseline)
  • Dynamically configurable: run-time adaption for optimal performance and power consumption

Product Brief

Title Size Date Version
206 KB 14 Dec 2015 01_00
Infineon 3D Image Sensor IC - Paving the Way for Reliable Touchless Gesture Control

REAL3™ Image Sensor – Ready for Integration

The 3D image sensor REAL3™ is the most integrated and sophisticated Time-of-Flight imager available, paving the way for numerous depth sensing applications like touchless gesture control.

Length 2:04


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