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Automotive Transceiver


Industrial Transceiver



Because of the steadily increasing demand for data exchange between electronic control units (ECUs) in modern vehicles, the automotive industry is using networks like CAN (Controller Area Network), LIN (Local Interconnect Network) and FlexRay™ protocol-based bus systems.


FlexRay™ is offering the fastest data-rate, covering safety related applications with high bandwidth requirement.


CAN (Controller Area Network) is used in networks where the exchange between modules requires a medium data-rate. The latest newly established CAN FD (Flexible Data-rate) protocol for faster CAN communication up to 5Mbit/s and CAN PN (Partial Networking) for improved energy efficiency are representing the latest trend.


LIN (Local Interconnect Network) protocol-based bus system is mainly used for data exchange of comfort related functions or signaling with low data-rate requirement.


> Product Portfolio

Infineon offers a broad product range of automotive transceivers for the different in-vehicle bus segments like FlexRay, CAN as well as LIN.



In complex automation, building & power control, security, manufacturing, lighting and medical systems, each peripheral system component needs to communicate to a main control unit and to other peripherals via a reliable communication bus. In particular CAN is proven to be the most adequate, reliable and cost efficient communications standard in such kind of industrial applications. Our industrial CAN transceivers provide proven quality, a reliable track record and high robustness with regards to EMI. ISO compliance is guaranteed.


> Product Portfolio

Our industrial transceiver IFX1050G has been optimized for high speed communication providing the highest reliability, whereas the IFX1050GVIO addresses microcontrollers with 3,3V logic IOs. The IFX1040 provides in addition bus wake up functionality. Our industrial transceiver product portfolio most recently has been complemented with CAN transceivers complying with flexible data rate standards.
IFX1051LE and IFX1051SJ have been designed for data rates up to 2MBit/s and provide features which make them suitable for large industrial CAN networks. Advanced tiny packages do come along.

FlexRay   CAN FD   CAN  CAN PN   LIN


CAN FD   Capture_new_richtig






NEW: Transceiver Selection Tool



Automotive Networking Brochure

Automotive Power Selection Guide

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Product Brochure

Title Size Date Version
4.8 MB 18 Nov 2010 01_00
702 KB 19 Aug 2013

Application Brochure

Title Size Date Version
8.3 MB 21 Nov 2016 01_00

Product Selection Guide

Title Size Date Version
10.5 MB 03 Nov 2016 01_03

Evaluation Boards

Board Family Description Status
KIT_AK_SMALL_ENGINE High/Low Side Switch, Microcontroller, Motor Driver, Transceiver The Starter Kit for 1- / 2-Cylinder Combustion Engines includes: Small Engine Control Unit, MECTRONIK MECLAB™ configuration and calibration software, U-Connect XC2704 Interface Board USB-CAN and Cable Harness
  • BTS3410
  • KP254
  • TLE4253
  • TLE6250
  • TLE8080
  • TLE8444
  • XC2733
LIN-DEMOBOARD Transceiver Demoboard suitable for all Infineon LIN Transceiver Products in DSO-8 package: TLE7257SJ, TLE7258SJ, TLE7259-3GE
  • flexible
  • to be populated / placed
active and preferred
DEMOBOARD IFX1050GVIO Transceiver General Purpose High Speed CAN Transceiver Demo Board.Used to evaluate IFX1050G VIO, IFX1050G and IFX1040SJ
  • IFX1050GVIO
active and preferred
TLE8457 LIN LDO BOARD Transceiver, System Basis Chip (SBC) LIN LDO Demoboard suitable for evaluation of Infineon LIN LDO TLE8457x in DSO-8 and tiny TSON-8 package
  • flexible
  • to be populated / placed
active and preferred
DEMOBOARD IFX1040SJ Transceiver General Purpose High Speed CAN Transceiver Demo Board
  • IFX1040SJ
on request
DSO-8 CAN BOARD Transceiver CAN Transceiver Demoboard suitable for all common DSO-8 and TSON-8 CAN / CAN FD Transceivers e.g.: TLE9250SJ/LE, TLE9250VSJ/VLE, TLE9250XSJ/XLE/ TLE9251VSJ/VLE
  • flexible
  • to be populated / placed
active and preferred
DEMOBOARD IFX1050G Transceiver General Purpose High Speed CAN Transceiver Demo Board
  • IFX1050G
active and preferred

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