Constant Current Relay Drivers (CCRD)

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IFX52001EJ, TLE4274EL30 and TLE4247EL40

Once mechanical relay switches and electromagnetic actuators (also known as solenoids) are turned on, current must continuously flow through their coils (hold current) to keep them closed.
The Infineon Constant Current Relay Drivers can reduce the hold current down to necessary amount to keep the coil closed and thus cut overall current con- sumption. The coil current remains stable regardless of changes to the input voltage.
TLE4247EL40 and TLE4247EL30 operate over an extended temperature range from -40°C to 150°C Tj , whereas IFX52001EJ is specified for -40°C to 125°C Tj for industrial purposes. With input voltages up to 30V, the devices are ideally suited for harsh automotive and industrial environments.
Available in a PG-DSO-8 exposed pad package, these devices can be mounted on a PCB inside a relay or on an existing system PCB with either a high- or low-side switch, reducing design-in time and providing a migration path to an all-electronic switch design.

Key Features

Key Benefits

  • High coil activation current
  • Low hold current
  • Suited for both low- and high-side switches „
  • Coil current independent from input voltage variations „
  • Thermally enhanced PG-DSO-8 exposed pad package
  • Reduced energy consumption and operational costs of system
  • Significant reduction of power/heat dissipation
  • No EMI, unlike PWM relay driving
  • Supporting freewheeling diode signal
  • path for energy absorption during switch off
  • Increased packing density of relays in packs possible



  • Relays – The CCRD devices may be integrated into relay housing or mounted on system PCB – Relays for typical system voltage of 12V with coil resistance up to 180Ω can be driven
  • Electromagnetic actuators – Electric door locks, appliances, hy- draulic valves, speaker coils, power relays, pinball/pachinko machines, manufacturing/automation systems


CCRD_supplied_by_external_source CCRD_supplied_by_freewheeling_resistor

Product OPN Product Status Order Online Packages Green Operating Temperature Hold Current Supply Voltage Activation Time Period Recommended Relay Coil Resistance
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-40.0 °C
125.0 °C
50.0 mA
12.0 V
135.0 ms
65.0 Ω
100.0 Ω


active and preferred




-40.0 °C
150.0 °C
30.0 mA
12.0 V
135.0 ms
105.0 Ω
180.0 Ω


active and preferred




-40.0 °C
150.0 °C
50.0 mA
12.0 V
135.0 ms
65.0 Ω
100.0 Ω

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