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The alternator control IC TLE8880 is a monolithic full featured regulator specifically designed for closed loop voltage control. It can be used in 12V automotive multi phase alternators with a rotating field winding. This regulator is able to communicate with an Engine-Management or Energy-Management ECU through a standard LIN interface. The battery voltage is regulated at a precise value between 10.6V and 16V. By using free-adjustable parameters, the regulator is able to operate even without any commu- nication interface.

The TLE8880 is compliant to the VDA LIN Alternator Regulator specification.

The output driver stage consists of a High-Side DMOS with a typical R DS(on) of 60mΩ for up to 12A excitation current to the field winding. The chip has 8kV ESD protection for alternator lines. The chip contains an EEPROM with adjustable parameters that can be programmed in order to customize the alternator for the specific OEM or application needs.



Product OPN Product Status Order Online Packages Green Assembly Type Interfaces EEPROM adjustable Voltage Class Voltage Measurement Range
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descending ascending           descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending descending ascending


active and preferred




LIN 1.3
12.0 V
9.0 V
16.0 V


active and preferred




LIN 1.3
12.0 V
9.0 V
16.0 V

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