Contactless memories

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Optimized for personal and object identification

Infineon's my-d™ products are available in plain mode with open memory access and in secure mode with memory access controlled by authentication procedures. Architectural interoperability of my-d™ products enables an easy migration from simple to more demanding applications.


  • Providing different memory sizes
  • Featuring NFC Forum™ Type 2 Tag functionality
  • Incorporating security features to enable considerable flexibility in the application design

At a glance

Flexible controls within the my-d™ devices start with plain mode operation featuring individual page locking; for more complex applications various settings in secure mode can be set for multi user / multi application configurations.


In plain mode access to the memory is supported by 4-byte block as well as 8-byte page structure. In secure mode a cryptographic algorithm based on a 64-bit key is available. Mutual authentication, message authentication codes (MAC) and customized access conditions protect the memory against unauthorized access.


Configurable Value Counters featuring anti-tearing functionality are suitable for value token applications, such as limited use transportation tickets.


Some dedicated examples:


Product Application

my-d™ move - SLE 66R01P

public transport, smart posters, NFC device pairing

my-d™ move NFC - SLE 66R01PN

public transport, smart posters, NFC device pairing

NFC initialized state

my-d™ move lean - SLE 66R01L

public transport, smart posters, NFC device pairing

my-d™ NFC - SLE 66RxxP

smart posters and maps, NFC device pairing, loyalty schemes, consumer good information, healthcare monitoring

my-d™ vicinity plain - SRF 55VxxP

factory automation, healthcare, ticketing, access control

my-d™ vicinity plain HC - SRF 55VxxP HC

ticketing, brand protection, loyalty schemes, ski passes

my-d™ vicinity secure - SRF 55VxxS

ticketing, brand protection, loyalty schemes, access control

Data Sheet

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Product Brief

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Product Information

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Application Notes

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Application Brochure

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Product Selection Guide

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